Looking for Food In Flagstaff? You will love our Furious Pizza

Pizza Furiosa Chef Richard FernandezThe term Furiosa means; furious or raging. We serve furious pizza…and some the some the best Italian food in Flagstaff.

What makes our pizza furious?

Some say it is the crust. Some say it is the sauce.

We say it is a perfect combination of:

  • handmade crust made of the finest pizza flour and tended to perfection
  • our rich pizza sauce made from scratch
  • hand selected cured meats imported from the best sources
  • the finest cheeses from local vendors
  • the freshest toppings, like green peppers, basil and tomatoes

All baked in a wood fired 900° brick oven.

Why Do We Use A Brick Oven?

Faster cooking time: It only takes 2 minutes max for your pizza to bake.

Unique flavors: You will become a wood fired pizza lover because of the smoky flavor that can not be replicated in a standard pizza oven.

Better crust: You get a tasty crust that is soft, chewy and puffy with a crispy exterior.

Crisp toppings: The fast cooking time seals in the natural flavors of our fresh toppings. The toppings quickly crisp up and the cheese melts, taking on a smoky flavor.

The Italians in Naples eat their wood fired pizzas with a knife and fork. You may like picking up your slice and folding the soft slice over, encasing all of your toppings.

Every pizza we serve is a work of art. We always put the best imported and local ingredients in our chef’s hands to bring you a true artisan pizza experience…fast and furious.


Richard, Head Chef

P.S. When you are looking for specialty food in Flagstaff, you may need gluten free options, be sure to ask your server what the chef has prepared especially for you.

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