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Pizza Furiosa’s Kitchen

Pizza in Flagstaff fresh eggplantPizza Furiosa, a Flagstaff restaurant, opened its doors in May of 2011, introducing Wood Fired Pizza, (the best pizza in Flagstaff) to the pizza loving community.

From 1999 to 2011, we operated as Pesto Brothers, a traditional East Coast Deli and Italian Eatery, serving 23 different sandwiches, handmade pasta, and pizza as well as classic Italian dishes…our fettuccine Alfredo was world famous.

Pizza Furiosa is a scratch kitchen.  Using basic wholesome ingredients that are minimally processed to create delicious, mouthwatering dishes from scratch on a daily basis.  Read more…

Introducing Head Chef Richard Fernandez

pizza in flagstaff chef richard fernandezGet Pizza in Flagstaff at it’s finest, prepared by Head Chef Richard Fernandez.  Although Richard is New Jersey born and bred, his parents were from Uruguay and influenced his style of cooking.

In Uruguay, where the majority of the population is either Italian or Spanish, you will find that the area cuisine is Mediterranean based with lots of pasta, meat, and of course, great pizza.


I was born in New Jersey in 1968 and have lived in New Jersey, Queens, Manhattan and New York City.  I have resided in Miami, Houston, Prescott and now Flagstaff, Arizona.

I’ve always wanted to be a Chef, since I was 5…or as far back as I can remember.  I have fond memories of going out to eat frequently with my parents.  My father was a real “Foodie” even in the 70’s & 80’s before it was cool. Read more…