About Pizza Furiosa

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Kneading Pizza Dough for the best pizza in FlagstaffKneading Our Dough By Hand
All of our Pizza Dough is kneaded by hand, not by machine.
It is the only way we can judge the texture
of the dough for perfect crust.

Rising Pizza Dough at Pizza Furiosa the best pizza in FlagstaffThe Neapolitan Way
Our dough is specially made for the brick oven, the
authentic Neapolitan way.

Brick Oven At Pizza Furiosa FlagstaffOur Brick Oven
Our brick oven weighs over 6000 pounds and heats
to 900 degrees.  Pizzas  cook in less than two minutes.

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Pizza Furiosa’s Kitchen

Pizza Furiosa, a Flagstaff restaurant, opened its doors in May of 2011, introducing Wood Fired Pizza, (the best pizza in Flagstaff) to the pizza loving community.

From 1999 to 2011, we operated as Pesto Brothers, a traditional East Coast Deli and Italian Eatery, serving 23 different sandwiches, handmade pasta, and pizza as well as classic Italian dishes…our fettuccine Alfredo was world famous.

Pizza Furiosa is a scratch kitchen.  Using basic wholesome ingredients that are minimally processed to create delicious, mouthwatering dishes from scratch on a daily basis.

Our flour is imported from Italy is the traditional “00” type flour used in the greatest pizzerias around the world.  Unlike other pizzerias, we use our hands to mix and knead our dough for an exceptional texture not achieved by machines. We simply add water, yeast and salt adhering strictly to the Neapolitan Style Pizza guidelines of the classic definition of pizza dough.

Our chefs meticulously obsess over the dough for over 48 hours, carefully watching it to ensure that it has the proper time to proof, gently and completely allowing the yeast to work its magic with the tender old world “00” flour.

The proper technique, actually the only one allowed, is to stretch each individual dough by hand.  Then our hand crafted oak heated fire wood oven takes over, baking your pizza to perfection in less than 2 minutes.

Pizza Furiosa Supports Local Businesses

By supporting local businesses, Pizza Furiosa is committed to provide the very best in fresh ingredients.

Because we want you to experience the very best pizza in Flagstaff, we always strive to close the gap between the farm and our guests.

The Local Vendors We Support

  • Flying M Ranch finest grass feed beef
  • Green Valley Farm pasture raised chicken
  • Black Mesa Ranch artisan goat cheese
  • Flying M Greenhouse provides our tomatoes, basil and other produce
  • Local Breweries and Wineries

We are always on the watch for and pay attention to other products we can purchase from the great state of Arizona, which has an ever growing population of food producers.

Welcome to Pizza Furiosa, the best pizza in Flagstaff.

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