Our Flagstaff Restaurant Features Local Flagstaff Artists

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As a Flagstaff restaurant we are proud to feature the creative and talented local Flagstaff artists.  All of the artists are our friends and most become personal friends.

Featuring their art work fancies up our restaurant a bit and gives them the opportunity to share with the community their artistic talent.  Plus you, our customers have the pleasure of basking in creative genius.

Every two months we feature a new artist, working in conjunction with Flagstaff’s “First Friday Walk.”  This monthly event brings out the art loving community and has become a day we look forward to.  Mark your calendar!

A Few Of Our Featured Artists

Ashley Maryn: With a focus on various colorful nature scenes, her marvelous works are acrylic on canvas.

Matt Greco:  Matt prefers to work with charcoal and acrylic on canvas.  His “Navajo Woman at Sunset” is an outstanding piece.

Jetsonorama:  Would you believe he decorates walls with wheat paste?  “Jamal Flies” is just one of his remarkable compositions.

When you step out to enjoy pizza at a Flagstaff restaurant, join us here are Pizza Furiosa for a double treat.  Not only do you get the best pizza and beer in town, you also have the opportunity to enjoy and support local Flagstaff artists.[/wpcol_1half]
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Creative Talents Of Our Artists

Photo  Ashley Marven  or work

Photo  Matt Greco or work

Photo of Jetsonorams  Jamal Flies on the wall at
pizza furisoa



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