Meet Sous-Chef Tiago Mercurio Fernadez

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Chef Tiago Mercurio Pizza Furiso Flagstaff

The artist at work.

As you can see Tiago likes a little adventure in his life.


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Our Flagstaff restaurant is a family affair. Although Sous-Chef Tiago Mercurio Fernandez is my son, he worked his way up through the ranks. He started out at Pesto Brothers as a busboy and moved up to server then on to making salads, cooking pasta burgers and steaks.

Now at Pizza Furiosa he has become a true wood fired pizza artisan. An Artisan is a craftsman… They are artists who take careful time to hand-craft something they truly love. Tiago loves to create different pizza combinations using specialty imported meats, local cheeses and fresh veggies. He is an expert at making and handling the delicate pizza dough.

Tiago has an affinity for the arts, he graduated from Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy where he was acting in 5-6 plays per year. He’s a great drummer and an African dancer.

Tiago the adventurer has floated the Colorado down the Grand Canyon twice he is a rock climber. Witness the video of him jumping off of Navajo Bridge here in Arizona.

Pizza Furiosa Soux-Chef Tiago Fernandez graduation family pictureHe just graduated from high school. In the fall, he will be attending the University of Arizona to study criminal justice and then law. He will join the R.O.T.C. However, Tiago will continue to be the Sous-Chef at Pizza Furiosa, when he’s not in school, studying or trying new adventures.

Tiago makes our Flagstaff restaurant Furiosa!

Salute Tiago,

Richard Fernadez, Head Chef