Pizza Furiosa’s Unique Urban Interior

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Flagstaff restaurant Pizza Furiosa urban chic interior Open Style Environment
Our open style lends itself to a social environment where it is
easy for us to hold events and support local clubs.

Flagstaff Artists - Kids Drawing Young Pizza Furoisa Artists
We encourage our young guests to share their art
talents with us.  In fact, we insist!

Flagstaff Restaurant, Pizza Furiosa Menu Our Menu Board
Customers love our wall menu board.  No fumbling with
paper, just glance up and there it is. Besides you never know
what chef Richard and chef Taigo will come up with.

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Pizza Furiosa – A Creative Space
The space at Pizza Furiosa in Flagstaff, Arizona, was designed by the talented Kari Tuomisto Maurer.  Kari has the gift of being able to spot discarded, savvy flea market style furnishings that can be fixed, refurbished, and re-purposed.  Her impressive style makes Pizza Furiosa stand out as a unique one of kind Flagstaff Restaurant.

Our space has a stylish urban loft-like layout. Appease your need for artful, thoughtful ambiance with our open feel and classic modernism. Enjoy Kari’s expertise at mixing styles, patterns and color that emphasize the beauty of objects that have seen a bit of life.

Where It All Came From

All of our tables are reclaimed bowling alleys from Peoria, Arizona.  Our chairs donated by The Northern Arizona University Liberal Arts department, were made in Canada in 1950 from beautiful maple plywood.

We were able to recycle pipes from our old sprinkler system and turn them into a functional uniquely stylish hand rail.

In Scottsdale, a house was being renovated and left behind its gorgeous white Italian marble.  We harvested it to make our bar and counter.

Under our counter, young local artists (kids) create and leave their mark.  In fact, it is a must here at Pizza Furiosa that kids pick up the chalk and create wonderful drawings and doodles.

Years ago, the Coconino County administration building in downtown Flagstaff was being remodeled, Karie was able to reclaim some artsy decorative can lights for our unusual lighting.Flagstaff Restaurant, Pizza Furiosa Urban Interior

Art Contribution To Pizza Furiosa

Jetsonorama, a.k.a. Chip Thomas, a local artist specializing in street art paste-up, or wheat paste to some, contributed to Pizza Furiosa by creating and installing Flagstaffs most impressive indoor street art piece entitled, “Jamal Flies.”  The statement is simple but timeless, a dream big.

As a result of this generous art offering, we now host “First Friday Art Walk” events every other month. This fabulous program brings out the art devouring Flagstaff community and artists alike.

We feel fortunate to have other Flagstaff artists feature their art in our restaurant on a regular basis.

Join us at our unique Flagstaff restaurant.  Relax and enjoy the charm of Urban style surroundings and some of the delectable selections from our menu.

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