Pizza Furiosa Cuisine

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Food In Flagstaff influenced by the Asado of Uruguay

Asado, or grilled meats
Considered the “traditional dish” of Uruguay.

Map  of Uragray Uruguay
Uruguay is tucked between Argentina and Brazil
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The Flavors of Uruguay Cuisine

My family hails from Uruguay, one of the highest meat consuming nations in the world per capita. I invite you to experience food in Flagstaff with the unique influence of my family traditions.

Asado, meaning grilled meats, is the “main dish” in Uruguay.  Although grilling meats: chicken, pork, goat, lamb and vegetables over hot coals, usually  gives the best heat and flavor (mesquite wood), slow cooking is usually preferred.  Salt and pepper are the only spices added to the meats during cooking.

Traditionally, the “Gaucho” condiment called “Chimmi Churri” can be added once the meat is done.  This condiment is made up of Oregano, salt dissolved in water (VERY IMPORTANT), parsley, fresh garlic, white wine vinegar, red chili flakes and a neutral salad oil such as virgin olive oil – NOT extra virgin.

Chimmi Churri is the star of the Asado for beef short ribs and Uruguayan sausage called Chorizo. The chorizo of Uruguay is not to be confused with Spanish or Mexican Chorizo, all are very different from each other.

Like other South American countries, fresh fish is often on the family table. Uruguay has a beautiful Atlantic coastline and huge rivers.

Uruguay also produces a very unique wine from the Tannat grape.  This classic French grape is tannic, rich and very complex…one of my favorites.

As you know, wines pair well with Italian food and pizza.  At Pizza Furiosa we are particular about the wines we serve. Good wines were served at our home table, giving shape to our wine selection.  You will find that we have an affinity for Old World wines and invite you to choose a favorite from our Wine Menu.

There is no doubt, the cuisine at Pizza Furiosa is influenced by my family background and the love I have for the cooking flavors and techniques of Uruguay.

Looking for unique food in Flagstaff? You’ll love Pizza Furiosa!

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