The Head Chef At Pizza Furiosa In Flagstaff

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Get Pizza in Flagstaff at it’s finest, prepared by Head Chef Richard Fernandez.  Although Richard is New Jersey born and bred, his parents were from Uruguay and influenced his style of cooking.

In Uruguay, where the majority of the population is either Italian or Spanish, you will find that the area cuisine is Mediterranean based with lots of pasta, meat, and of course, great pizza.

Introducing Head Chef Richard Fernandez

I was born in New Jersey in 1968 and have lived in New Jersey, Queens, Manhattan and New York City.  I have resided in Miami, Houston, Prescott and now Flagstaff, Arizona.

I’ve always wanted to be a Chef, since I was 5…or as far back as I can remember.  I have fond memories of going out to eat frequently with my parents.  My father was a real “Foodie” even in the 70’s & 80’s before it was cool.

In 1976, A family friend and his wife were staying with us for a few months.  We went to see him at his new job as Executive Chef of a secluded cottage resort in northern New Jersey. I remember being very excited to see the kitchen and his uniform.  (This is the first time I’ve thought about this memory in close to 36 years.)

My mother tells me that I would always come to her with strange food combinations, usually made up into sandwiches.  These were my first creations.  As a teenager my menu expanded and my love for creating new dishes grew.

My home cooking experiments included my favorite…steaks.  I perfected the art of cooking my steaks in butter to seal the juices and created a beautiful caramel outside, crispy and full of flavor.  Steaks rank high on my nightly menu.

I’ve been cooking ever since.


On our main menu, you will notice there are no desserts listed.  That’s because it leaves the door open for creating a variety of different desserts.  I still need room to express the creative cooking spirit that resides in me and grown from cooking strange food combinations in my mom’s kitchen many years ago.

I opened Pesto Brothers in 1999, but 12 years later I felt that there was room for unique pizza in Flagstaff, so we opened Pizza Furiosa and continued offering fine wines and beer.  Our “Wood Fired Pizza” is the best pizza in Flagstaff and I dare say in Arizona.

Gift From Head Chef Richard

Here is the recipe for Pizza Furiosa’s  Classic Red sauce.  Click here for your free recipe card download.  Enjoy!

Pizza Furoisa Red Sauce Recipe FlagstaffSalute!

Richard Fernandez
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Tomato Mozz Basil - Pizza in Flagstaff

Flagstaff Restaurant, Pizza Furiosa Chef Richard Fernandez tossing pizza dough


Chopping Mushrooms at Pizza Furiosa Flagstaff Restaurant


Flagsaff Restaurant, Pizza Furiosa handmade gnocci